When I was a little girl, my Mom always told me “words are your friends.” I doubt she had any idea what adventures and opportunities those words of encouragement would open for me. When I found my voice as a writer I finally understood what she meant! I get lost in my stories, my character’s world, and their perspective on life. My writing has made me a better actress. You can’t tell someone else’s story without having empathy for that person. You can’t create an honest, fully dimensional character without understanding them, looking at what happened to them at five or ten years old that changed their point of view.

Laura is an American actress and writer. Her first network project, THE LAURA SHOW, just wrapped production on it’s third season for Amazon Studios.  The female driven sketch comedy series has won a number of writing awards in it’s first two seasons, for its original and honest perspective on modern day millennials. Watching the show, you can tell how much of Laura’s heart is in her work. She’s 110% hands-on from storyboarding to the final stage of storytelling, the editing room.

Laura is currently working on a number of projects including her second series for Amazon,  IT’S A FUNNY STORY premiering Fall 2018. Her first feature film, WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH, based on the the true story of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

MILLENNIAL COMPLEX “A State Of Mind With A Physical Address” is Laura’s newest project, a single cam pilot centering around five friend’s living in a LA high-rise gears towards Millennials and their lifestyles.

“People have always fascinated me! As a writer you have this amazing gift to imagine the rest of a stranger’s day. The people they love, their home, the things that make them laugh. You have the power to create a whole world for someone you’ve never met. There’s something so powerful and exciting in that!”

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